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Visit HostMonster $3.95/mo

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Visit BlueHost $3.95/mo

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HostMonster Review – A General Hosting Feature Review

Hostmonster is affiliated to BlueHost; this simply means the same quality service and affordable web hosting. You can leverage Hostmonster’s web hosting services at an amazingly affordable price compared to the rate offered by other operators in the industry. In order to increase users’ web hosting opportunities, the company constantly offers significant discount on almost all their web hosting packages. Right now, you can take advantage of HostMonster Coupon $3.95 Per Month to enjoy tons of Unlimited Web Hosting Features, as well as Free Features.

HostMonster $3.95 Discount Offer

This coupon grants you access to the company’s unlimited and free web hosting features. The coupon is simply activated by clicking the link which leads to the company’s official website. Consequently, when the coupon code is activated, the discount will reflect on your web hosting purchase cost and you can start leveraging the designated features once your account is set up.

The $3.95 Per Month discount offer from Hostmonster is a limited period offer. In essence, once the offer period expires, you will no longer take advantage of discount coupon to achieve further affordability with Hostmonster’s web hosting packages. If you do not click on the discount link during the offer period, you will be charged the full price of web hosting when trying to purchase the service.

Here are some of the top-notch features that Hostmonster offers;

One-Year Free Domain Name

A simple analysis of the benefits obtainable with a FREE domain name would be the best way to illustrate the significant of this offer;

  • Elimination of hassles involved in creating a fresh domain name; if you have not run any domain before now, you may not understand what this means. To create a fresh domain name comes with severe efforts. First, you would need to research extensively in order to generate a domain name that no one is using. Such domain name must also be key-word based in order to rank in search engine. But, when you sign up with HostMonster either through the full hosting price or half the price (discount), you will enjoy free domain name for one year and the hassles involved in creating a fresh one are completely eliminated.
  • You are leveraging an already-popular domain; getting a fresh domain name is one hurdle, popularizing that new domain name is even more hassles. You need to be highly visible online in order to attract your target market. So, intensive SEO campaign is necessary to popularize your new domain name. This will involve lots of efforts and resources (money). But, if you are given a free domain name on HostMonster platform, you will be leveraging an already-popular domain to generate tons of traffic for one good year.

Free Drag-and-Drop Site Builder

The FREE drag and drop site builder feature is a great addition to Hostmonster’s web hosting features. These site builders come with tons of catchy templates to provide your websites with appealing interfaces. It is simpler and quicker to create a website with the free drag and drop site builder from Hostmonster, it doesn’t matter if you are applying your own parameters.


There are several benefits that come with Hostmonster’s drag and drop site builder and they include the following;

  • Cost saving; you don’t need to pay a web developer for your personal or business site. You can create tons of websites in fewer hours using the site-builder software. Thus, if you are an affiliate marketer for several companies, you will save tons of dollars for each site you would want to build for each of your affiliate marketing program.
  • Income generation; you can build the sites for clients and generate income from the deal. Also, you can create tons of websites for yourself and make money either using them for affiliate marketing or other forms of online income generation programs.
  •  You can also manage the sites you built for yourself effectively with Hostmonster’s superb control panel tool.

The popular site builder tools are the WordPress and Weebly. The most widely used is the WordPress, it’s open-source compliance makes it easier for webmasters to build webpages from ordinary blog and forum sites to tons of multiple web-pages full of valuable features. It’s also so easy to come by appealing WordPress themes that you can apply to your design. Applying the WordPress tool helps to simplify a website’s navigations in order improve users’ experience.

Additional FTP Accounts

You will enjoy additional unlimited FTP accounts when leveraging Hostmonster. FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol. It is an extremely valuable web hosting tool for accomplishing files transfer over the web. Webmasters use this tool to exchange data files via TCP/IP networks. This form of protocol is usually friendly with different types of OS (Operating Systems) – Mac, Linux, Windows and more. So, even those files that cannot be attached with the regular web email accounts are easily transferred from one point to another through the FTP accounts.

Remember, you can enjoy these features and more with the Hostmonster’s discount offer.

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